Thursday, March 03, 2005

Enviroman says, "let's play the Transformer game"

Used tyres. There are tons of them. What can we do with it?

1. rethread
2. use as fenders for boats, wharfs, etc.
3. artificial reefs
4. Granulated rubber for playground and sports surfaces, carpet backing and road building.
5. Powdered rubber from scrap tyres, mixed with polyethylene to form a composite for use as roof covering.
6. leachate drainage layers in landfill sites
7. incineration (as proposed by the cement industry) for energy.

The objections to no. 7 are
incineration liberate Dioxins and Furans, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, CO, SO2, NO2, and HCl.

And now, the best from the kids' point of view:

8. Horse Swings.

Black Stallion tire horse swings are transformed from recycled tires to create fun for kids of all ages. Fun For All Ages. Extremely Durable. Clean. Does Not Mark Clothing.