Monday, March 14, 2005

Good Tidings

Very interesting. Blogger (Blogspot) have a provision for one to blog by just emailing to a secret email address. Very nice feature for a lazy fellow like Enviroman. Also very good when one come across an article or newspaper report that is very interesting and have a button that upon clicking allow us to email that article to anyone (such as that secret email address) who have an email address. This is even more useful when the article contain not-so-good news. Some people are bound by General Orders and are restrained from public criticism (but is allowed to criticise in private). In this case these not-so-good news which can be taken as criticism of past practices were written by that newspaper, not by Enviroman. Enviroman just need to consult with the legal advisor whether this action constitute public criticism.

Now the opposite. The good news. Enviroman came across this article in the New Straits Times. RM100m to restore mangrove forest.. That is GOOD NEWS! It showed that our government is serious, that it is actually taking remedial steps, it is actually doing what they say they would. Enviroman would like to email this news article too to that secret email address. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Enviroman tried twice and failed, and gave up. But one should not keep good news to oneself. Good things are to be shared. That is the reason for this post.

Maybe Enviroman would even copy-paste bits and pieces of that good news here so that those who do not want to click on that link to see that good news can just read bits and pieces of it here. And probably Enviroman would not be in danger of being sued for copyright infringement because that, I think, would be considered fair use.

From the New Straits Times:
RM100m to restore mangrove forest
Audrey Dermawan. PENAGA, Mar 13:

The Forestry Department has asked for RM100 million to restore the country's mangrove and coastal forests under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, its deputy director-general Datuk Azahar Muda said. The restoration, especially replanting of mangrove trees, had become a priority since the forests had helped protect coastal communities in Penang and Kedah from the full brunt of the deadly tsunami.

Following the disaster, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ordered the swampy forests to be protected, and that none should be cleared for development.

See earlier post Enviroman on Tsunami and mangrove swamps.

Also The Environmentally Friendly Prime Minister.

Also Environmentally Friendly Head of State Award 2005. Unfortunately a sponsor have not been found for that trophy yet. Also, there have not been many nominations, except one in an Orkult group for the environment.

Enviroman need to work harder at telling people of this Award and get more nominations from many many more countries so that he will not be accused of being biased.


Mi Yoong said...

Yes it is heartening & encouraging to hear that the govt has realised the importance of the mangrove swamps...finallY! Let's hope that they are serious in including mangrove protection in the 9MP end of March '06.