Saturday, August 05, 2006

Save gasoline, save money, save the environment

Automobiles and the high gasoline prices causes 3 problems. It hits our pockets, causes pollution and contribute to the global warming problem. The average motor vehicle contributes 4 tons of pollution to the environment annually. 90% of the atmosphere carbon monoxide comes from motor vehicle. An average mid-sized motor vehicle emits annually 4.5 metric tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (U.S. Emits Nearly Half World's Automotive Carbon Dioxide).

What can we do to reduce these problems?

  • Avoid aggressive driving. It can save 5-33%
  • Drive under 60mph or 96km/hr. For every 5 mph over that cause 20¢ extra per gallon, or for every 9km/hr over that causes extra 5¢ per litre.

  • Remove excess weight. Every extra 100lb or 50kg causes fuel efficiency to drop 2%
  • Avoid excess idling whenever possible

  • On the highway, use cruise control or try to maintain a constant speed. This will save fuel

  • Use overdrive gear whenever possible as it reduces engine speed, saving fuel as well as reducing wear and tear

  • Keep your engine properly tuned. It will save you 4% in fuel

  • Change your air filter regularly. It can save you up to 10%

  • Check tyre pressure regularly and inflated to vehicle specifications. It can save you up to 3%

  • Use recommended grade of motor oil. It can save you 1-2%

Source: High Fuel Prices Killing Families, Vehicle Emissions Killing the Environment