Monday, October 23, 2006

Environmentally Friendly Sleeping

I live in a tropical country where the temperature many people find hot. I am also retired, so spend practically most of the time in the house, mainly on the computer. Many people in my country switch on fans, air conditioners, etc. to keep cool. Me, I just go around shirtless (but not bottomless), and I don't need a fan. Many people also sleep with the air conditioner on, and not only that, they have the temperature turned down so low they sleep covered with a blanket. I find it a sheer waste, waste extra electricity and contribute to CO2 emission and global warming. I have an air-conditioner in my bedroom. It came with the house I bought. For years, I have never used it. And sleeping? Me, I just sleep topless and I also don't need a fan. Do I qualify to use the nickname Enviroman on the Web?

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Kristen said...

You do seem to have a lot of passion for environmental causes, and live them, too. Living our beliefs is the only honest way to live, and each does what they are capable of doing.

Whizzed said...

Yes I think you Qualify for the name Enviroman for sure and you certainly have the right idea re air conditioners although I will use a fan at night if it is sticky but around 0300 I switch it off.
As Krisken said to live your beliefs is the correct way to live certainly.
Thanks for the StumbleUpon invite.