Thursday, November 09, 2006

Environmental education: Start them young

Habits are formed from young. Thus it is important to introduce environmental education and practices to children when they are still young. This is exactly what Fairview International School in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur is doing.

Fairview International School has introduced a year long campaign to encourage recycling among its students. Students are taught to separate recyclable items and group them into paper, plastic, tin and glass and deposit them into separate bins provided by Alam Flora placed at 12 locations in the school compound. Money from the sale of the recyclable items at the end of the campaign will be channeled to a charity home selected by the school.

Alam Flora also gave talk on the importance of recycling and the uses of recycled materials.

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Anonymous said...

I´m glad to see you blog about your work, but I think that adults need too some environmental education because finally they are educate childrens, so why don´t you think how they can help you?. I live in México, and we are work with adults, if you want we can work together...

Peter Chen said...

Unfortunately you are posting as anonymous, and have not left a URL or email address.

Ross said...

I´m so sorry. My email adress is:
Do you speak spanish? because the follow URL is
There are so much information about your needs. Check out and tell me then (sorry for my terrible english.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,

The only Spanish I know is Komo es tas (or something like that), and trying to get to your site Unfortunately, it got the error message:
Could not locate remote server.

But anyway, how can we work together?