Thursday, December 21, 2006

Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards - Where are they?

It is the time for sending out seasons greeting cards, and tons of paper greeting cards is expected to be sent/received which will eventually end up for recycling or in the landfills. I did a little test, I made a search on Google for "Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards", and all the results on the first few pages were for greeting cards printed on recycled paper, using vegetable ink, plantable greeting cards, etc.

I couldn't find any link to eCards which doesn't use paper. I had to modify my search terms by adding to it "Environmentally friendly greeting card eCard". Only then I saw on the first page ecard: "Xmas Blues (Flash)" by Camilla Eriksson (no. 2) Your premier internet resource for free eCards! (no. 3)

and to my pleasant suprise, I found my own (this site) at no. 4!

Looks like eCards still have a long way to go before they replaces paper-based greeting cards.

Acually, if they had put a link to Envirocard, that would be more relevant.

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Sumpit said...

you're wellcome..
btw wanna exchange link???

you have a great post 4 e-card..