Sunday, January 21, 2007

This blog has changed for the better because I migrated my old (classic) Blogger account to the New Blogger (formerly beta) account

This post is not exactly about the environment, but about some unexpected pleasant change to the blog, in particular to this sticky post Environmental Cartoons. The environment cartoon is put there by curtesy of cartoonists Dan Wright and Dave Ponce of Rustle the Leaf and previously, when this blog was in the old (classic) Blogger account, the cartoon was small and the text hardly readable, and I have to put a suggestion to click on the cartoon to enlarge it so that the text become readable.

Bloggers who use the Google Blogger platform for their blogs will know that the old (classic) Blogger is being replaced by the New Blogger (formerly beta) and while Blogger was encouraging everyone to migrate to the New Blogger, there were many horror stories from those who migrated, like being unable to see their blogs in the Dashboard (the page from which you can select your blogs, publish a post, etc) and thus unable to access their blogs and edit or publish. I thus have much reservation about migrating my classic Blogger account to the New Blogger account. However, for reasons I do not know myself why, I eventually decided to migrate, and I must say it went smoothly, and took only minutes, unlike the horror stories of days in the Google Blogger Help group.

I have the choice of sticking to my classic Blogger template for this blog, but decided to migrate to the standard New Blogger template, then to Ramani's 3 column template. To my horror, I discovered that the environmental cartoon which used to be small was enlarged (and the text readable), but extended into the right sidebar (see screenshot below):
screenshot of Enviroman Says blog with Ramani's New Blogger 3 column template
This was with the Opera browser. I didn't check, but I am reasonably sure that in the Internet Explorer browser, the right sidebar will be pushed to the bottom of the page. So I decided to revert to my previous old classic Blogger template (see Switching from Blogger beta back to Blogger classic).

On reverting to my previous old classic template, I discovered to my pleasant suprise that the environmental cartoon was enlarged, and that one need not click on the cartoon to be able to read the text.

UPDATE: 22 January 2007: There is still some lingering problem. The sidebar is now at the bottom of the page. This is with Thur's modified 3 column template. I migrated to the New Blogger template and immediately changed it to the Denim New Blogger template modified by Stavanger of Blogcrowd forum to 3 column. However, I have to change the width of the main and sidebars. See New Blogger template modified to 3 column by Stavanger. It is somewhere at the bottom of the post.


Turma G said...

Pena eu nao perceber nada de

mischief said...

Still not lovin Blogger Beta. The templates are too damn bland! Thanks for the tips on the help group matey!

Adsense Tips said...

I am not happy with the new blogger beta, and although I upgraded the account I have stayed with the old template rather than the new 'layout' I wasn't sure which you are now using?

Peter said...

Blogger who are not comfortable with HTML will find the New Blogger a big help. I have migrated my Blogger accounts to the New Blogger, and have also migrated the templates of most blogs to the New Blogger template, like this one. However, I have kept the old classic template for some blogs, like Blogger for Dummies.

I have also discovered that even when one keeps the old classic template, there are advantages of migrating to the New Blogger account. See post Advantages of migrating to the New Blogger account even when keeping the old classic template.

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
Enviroman Says

felipe vito said...

Need your advice Peter. How do I "copy and paste" html tags from a source to my blog page. Thanks. Hope you understand what I'd want to know.Your unskillful blogger fan. Thanks.

Enviroman said...

Hi Felipe,

When you say source, I suppose you mean source code by clicking VIEW > SOURCE in the menu bar of the browser at a site. Regarding how to paste it into your blog page, that will depend on what kind of tag/HTML it is and also whether you are using the old classic template or the New Blogger template.

You will have to post the code here using code for special tags like <a> with the help of How to post special characters.

Otherwise you will have to send the code to me via email.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks