Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recycle your old spectacles

Bespectacled people, especially the trendy youngs, are likely to change their spectacles every 2 or 3 years. Now they don't have to end up in the landfill because there is a collection campaign under a collaborative project between Lions Club and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ or Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya).

The old spectacles will be cleaned, repaired and distributed to the under-privileged in the poor countries of Africa, Asia and Central America.

The programme called the Give the Gift of Sight was started off by Luxottica Group, a United States eyeware company as a corporate charity programme in 1998 with the support of Lions Club International and now has come to the Malaysian shore. Actually, this programme has been going on with The Lions Club collecting used eyeware, but now have joined hands with MBPJ.

The programme will contribute towards solving the mounting garbage problem as well as helping the poor of the world.

The collection centers are at MBPJ headquater, Menara MBPJ, DIJROA Community Recycling Center, Ming Tien Food Court at Taman Megah, Taman Megah Resident Association, Magnum in Taman Megah, Taman Mayang Resident Association, Morning Market at Road SS2/63 in front of MJ restaurant, Lovely Disabled Home in SS2, Beautiful Gate at Road SS2/24, Petaling Jaya Community Center at Road 17/23, ICT Center at Jalan 17/1A, London Optical in Damansara Utama, Malaya Optical at Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Section 5 Resident Association (Photo Shp of Jalan Chantek), Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Kelana, Rukun Tetangga Jalan Carey, Rukun Tetangga Section 1A, Rukun Tetangga SS5, Komuniti Link at Summit Shopping Center, Saujana Apartment Resident Association in Damansara Damai, Rukun Tetangga Kampung Chempaka, JKKK Kampung Kayu Ara, Resident Association SS3, Klinik Huang in SS3, Rukun Tetangga Sea Park, Clinic MBPJ, Rukun Tetangga Section 4A, MBPJ Landscape Department in Taman Bandaran Kelana Jaya, Hotel Lisa De Inn and Hotel PJ De Inn.

Further details and for donation in bulk, contact Lee Lik Shyan at 012-2081 489.

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Whizzed said...

Thanks Peter for the kind words but it now appears that I cannot get the word verification to tell blogger, although earlier it did show it. The blog you commented on was one I made again to kind of beat the ban on the locked one I am looking around for another way of hosting my blog if I can

Peter said...

Hi whizzed,

If you can't get the word verification to get your blog unblocked, the next thing to do is to contact Blogger Support. They are hard to get, but not impossible. I had a couple of problems solved by them, one within a day, others took weeks. But they did help.

Regarding another way of hosting your blog, I don't know if Custom Domain may be what you are looking for.

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Whizzed said...

And to think there was a time when I threw my old specs out but the optometrists here now send them to underprivileged countries so I do that now with mine; I know how expensive they are. These guys handle it here in Australia I read

mi me said...

Wow... to think how many old specs i have thrown away!! Thanks dad for the info....