Saturday, March 03, 2007

Domain names and environmental sites

Want to start an environmental site? The first thing you have to do is to register a suitable domain. Unfortunately, in most cases, the domain name that you prefer have already been registered and not available to you. Fortuantely there is a possibility of buying the domain name that you prefer at Buy premium domain names.

There is a search box in the home page of the site. I tried putting in the search term "environment" and got this result: Premium Domain Search Results for "environment". In it, I found 525 domain names related to environment.

There is also an Advanced Search Tool for you to narrow down the search to more specific terms.

You can also sell domain names through Sell Your Domains. If you have already registered a domain name that is likely to be sought after, you can sell it to or through also offers Domain Name Financing if finance is a problem. For loans below $5000, no approval is needed. Prequalification is needed for loans above $5000. Approval can be obtained in as little as a day.

There is also a Business Resource Center at where you can find business related help.


Peter said...

I am commenting to see if the photo in the comment stays the same or is changed after changing the profile photo. This is in response to a question by a reader of my blogs.

Peter said...

I have changed the profile photo. The original photo is that a cartoon of Enviroman alone with a speech bubble. I have changed that to a cartoon of Enviroman conversing with Rene Descartes. Let us see what photo appear in this comment.

Peter said...

Well, result of the test: photo in comments doesn't change when you change the profile photo.