Monday, March 26, 2007

An environmentally friendly and profitable way to turn food waste to fertilizer and Profit

The Selangor subsidiary PKPS Agro Industries Sdn. Bhd. started a project last year to turn food waste from the Seri Kembangan wholesale market to marketable fertilizer.

An average 10 tons of vegetable and fruit waste is dumped into waste bins daily from the Seri Kembangan wholesale market, and these waste is carted to the composting factory at the rear of the market where it is grounded, mixed with goat feaces to facilitate the composting process. The whole cycle takes 45 days. The compost is then taken to a machine to separate drbris such as plastic, packed in bags and sold as fertilizer.

It is a small step, but a step in the right direction in reducing the 4,000 tons of waste generated daily in Selangor that is going to landfills.

Update 14 June 2007

I have previously updated a post Increasing the efficiency of aeration in wastewater treatment which involved BlurtIt which is an interesting site where you can post questions and get answers. I have found another question which is related to this post at Composting.

, so I am going to make a response there. As described in the post above, I am going to do the same thing, that is prepare my answer, make a word count, paste the message into the "Answer" box and click "Answer now". Below in the scroll box is the message I prepared in MS Word which I pasted in the first message:

Have a look at this post <a href=””>Environmentally friendly and profitable way to turn food waste into fertilizers and profit from it</a> and see what can be composted and how it can be profitable at the same time.

and this is the result of using the "word count" tool in Words:

Words: 39
Characters (no spaces): 267
Characters (with spaces): 305

As the site said, maximum number of "words" is 100, so I didn't know what will happen when I click "Answer now". The answer was published, but somehow the HTML was turned into just the anchor text which is not clickable. I tried again, this time editing it so that it contains less words but with the HTML for the hyperlink still there. Again, just the anchor text was displayed and was not clickable. I gave up and just post the URL. I don't know why my question at Feedback on an innovation please. had a clickable link, but this time I couldn't get a clickable link.

As in Increasing the efficiency of aeration in wastewater treatment, I am going to try to get some answers by asking for support at Contact Us and hope to get a response. If and when I get a response, I will update this post.

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