Thursday, September 06, 2007

Energy Saving Lighting fixtures and lamps

Everyone who is a bit environmentally conscious seems to be going for energy saving lighting fixtures and lamps, saying it uses less electrical energy for the same light output and last longer. So I went looking for some online lighting fixtures merchant that offers such stuff and tried lighting.

Among others, I found kichler lighting and maxim lighting with their collection of energy saving indoor pendants at in one page under the category Energy Saving Indoor Pendants Page 2. I don't expect this page to be static as the merchant add or take away products, so I will put a screenshot of what I see below in case if you go to the page and you see something different:

energy saving pendants

I found that minka lavery lighting have what they call their Energy Lamps, a collection of which can be seen at Vintage Rust Collection by Minka Lavery Energy Star.