Monday, January 21, 2008

Environmentally friendly transport.

The most environmentally friendly transport you can have to to use your legs. Although I now am an Internet addict, I walk at every excuses I get, Seven-Eleven, shops, bank, pasar tani (farmers' market), pasar malam (night market), makan (dinner), LRT station, etc. However, there are times when this become impractical as it may be either too far or not accessible by public transport. Then I have to turn to the next environmentally friendly and convenient transport, my son's faithful Suzuki:

environmentally friendly and convenient transport

Why environmentally friendly and convenient? I uses less that Suzuki scooter when walking or public transport or when I am short on time. This scooter burns less green house gas emitting fossil fuel and contribute a little bit less to global warming, the environmental problem of the century.

However I have been frequently advised by my sisters (in fact just 2 days ago again) to think of the burden I will place on my children if anything happened to me. My children have also been discouraging me from using the scooter. I know exactly the risks I expose myself to and try to minimize it, but I have to admit it can never been eliminated. But I have found it so convenient and economical, plus I had the privilage of overtaking the King's very expensive Rolls Royce which was stuck in a jam. And I need not have to hunt for hard to find car parking, pay for them, usually can park the scooter very near where I want to go, don't need to pay toll. It is going to be very hard to give up.

However, I am a realist. If the unfortunate really happened, my children will be burdened with taking care of me. Worst, I don't know if I can get online anymore. I may have to make a decision soon and switch to my son's now seldom used, 30 year old Mini Austin

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