Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recycle Confidential Papers

Most organizations whether commercial, government and non-government organizations (NGO), etc., will have confidential papers that they would not want to fall into the wrong hands. On the other hand, environmental activists are screaming for greater efforts at recycling, and paper are one of the easiest used items to recycle. How do we reconcile the two? Easy. Get paper shredders.

However, a check of the above website showed that there are 134 paper shredders listed, and that not including other paper shredders listed. How would one go about choosing a paper shredder to shred confidential documents to be sent for recycling? One can always do some kind of evaluation of each shredder on the market, but that is going to take a mighty long time and great effort. The other way to fall back on collective wisdom, and that is exactly what claims to use and coming up with what they call WIZERANK which is a number ranging from 0 to 100 and very easy to interpret. Check the table below:

90 - 100Buy with confidence
75 - 89Might meet your needs
50 - 74Proceed with caution
0 - 49Not recommended

However, WIZERANK is only one part of the story. Different people or organizations have different preferences, priorities and needs. You will notice at the above product review website, there is a left sidebar which you can use to filter products according to Price, Brands, Cut Style, Maximum Sheet Capacity and Speed. If you only small small sheet capacity paper shredder. At he time I checked, the top ranked paper, Adler Royal JS55 Shredder had a price tag of only $15, so if that is accurate, you will save a bundle of money. However, you will have to live with maximum sheet capacity of 5, but perhaps that is sufficient for you.

It will all depend on your budget, preferences, requirements, etc. But having a product review website will definitely help you zero in on the paper shredder you that suit your circumstances.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the great information. Since I bought my shredder, I shred anything that has personal information on it. I recently read a great article on document security and it list what documents you should shred before you put them in the garbage.

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