Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Speak: Starting in the Classroom

Green Speak: Starting in the Classroom

We need to change how we look at the environment today if we have any hope of mending it so that future generations do not have to fix the mistakes of the past, but that doesn’t mean that those who will inherit this big blue planet can’t help make it a better place too.

For starters, today many elementary schools and high schools now have recycling and compost programs in order to teach students how to do their part and allow them to get involved. Some students even have a recycling competition to make it a more fun and challenging experience and to entice more students to get involved.

Beyond these recycling programs, there are many other ways that teachers can help youth to learn to ‘go green’ and put them on the path to protecting their environment.

  1. Implement a school garden


Credit: Leslie Duss

Teachers and parents can add onto their schools recycling and composting by implementing an organic garden. Not only will they be able to use their own compost structure to grow these plants, but they will teach children how to cultivate food and eat organically. At the end of the season, when the food is ripe, they can donate it to a local food bank or homeless shelter to further teach children ways to be an outstanding member of the community and caring about all life.

  1. Take eco-friendly field trips


Credit: Loren Kerns

One of the key ways to create positive change in this world is through education. By taking students on eco-friendly field trips, you are given the opportunity to teach children about the importance of the environment and why we need to be aware of how everything we do impact our own environment as well as ecosystems and the trees and wildlife that live within them.

  1. Host an Earth Day festival or green event


Credit: Akuppa

Much like with the field trip, a festival or green day at your elementary school will help to promote saving the environment to children at a young age. By making the environment something fun that we should celebrate and incorporating educating presentations or plays, you are helping to engrain that information into future generations so that they may move forward out into the world and do their part.

2. Encourage students to walk or ride a bike to school


Credit: Ivy Dawned

Walking to school is something most children are good at, but by encouraging all of them to take part in this, you are also encouraging the parents who bring them to school to try walking for a change.

  1. Use green supplies


Credit: Meddy Garnet

Much like using eco-friendly products and cleaners at home, the same can be applied to the classroom. By encouraging students to get eco-friendly school supplies such as water-based paints and recycled paper, you are helping them learn how their choices as consumers can influence the environment and the world around them. When children learn to go green at school, they will carry this with them back home and eventually to their jobs and work environments.

The end result of all of these influences is that they will help teach youth the importance of their impact on the environment and how everything is affected, you are creating positive change for the future. Only now is the general populace becoming active in helping change the environment for the better. By influencing our youth to do the same, we are influencing a promise to Mother Nature and everything we share this planet with.

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John Cena said...

Thanks for sharing this post with us. We should start speaking about Go Green in the classroom so that the next generation will understand the mean of Green. As the deforestation is leading several disastrous acts like global warming, Flooding Damage and many more.