Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make environmental blogs do more

A free hosted blog using the free or is fine for just making known to the world your views about the environment, interacting with viewers, spread environmental awareness with perhaps being my choice over

However, if you demands more from your blog like for selling environmentally friendly products, you would probably need to be able to do more than what and can offer.

That is the circumstances which will require a shift to self hosted blog powered with (yes, there are 2 versions of Wordpress, one free and hosted and another paid and require you to host yourself). This means you will have to choose a web host for your blog.

However, making a choice of webhost need not be a lonely affair as you have Web Hosting Rating for reading reviews of web hosts.

There are many web hosts which uses Windows webhosting because Windows users are more widespread.

However you also can choose Linux webhosing


Eco Chimp said...

You could try super green hosting, who I use, although I have never managed to establish what they do that makes them green, they could be a sham, but they are reliable.

Eco Chimp said...

You could use super green hosting, although their commitment to the environment seems a little fuzzy.