Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Free range" chicken and environmentally friendly fertilizer

Here is suggestion, partly in jest, for an environmentally friendly invention - factory produced free range chicken. In Malaysia, the kampung chicken is popular among the health concious as the meat has more muscles and less fat. "Kampung" is the Malay word for village and is the local lingo for free range chicken. Their meat contain more muscles and less fat as they are allowed to roam free and thus get more exercises.

To produce free range chicken in a factory setting, the chicken are still caged in individual cages but the floor of the conventional cage is replaced by a conveyor belt. Every now and then, the conveyor belt moves, thus forcing the chicken to move (and exercise :-)). Further, as the conveyor belt move, at one end the belt is automatically scrapped by a scrapper and the droppings are automatically collected. These droppings make for good environmentally friendly fertilizer for crops!