Monday, January 24, 2005

Enviro Man on the “International Conference on Biodiversity: Science and Governance” at Paris

Wong Chun Wai, The Star columnist, says: "PM hailed for championing environment"

PM is short for Prime Minister, and he is refering to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Enviroman is proud for his country that our Datuk Seri is one of a less than one handfull of world leaders who is attending the “International Conference on Biodiversity: Science and Governance” at Paris, but is extremely disappointed for the world that the other big guns are missing in action. As Wong Chun Wai says, "It’s a shame really because the success of the conference depends on the combined efforts of nations around the world." Enviroman hope that something positive will result from that conference despite the absence of the great majority of the other PMs and Presidents, etc.

Biodiversity is the term to describe the variety of all living things, the different plants, species diversity and the ecosystem and the conference is part of an ongoing global effort to curb the loss of biodiversity. The conference, is organised by France and sponsored by Unesco is part of the ongoing global effort to curb the loss of biodiversity by 2010.

Isabelle Louis, who is director of the Asia Pacific programme for the WWF International, in the Asian edition of the International Herald Tribune, says "Corals acted as natural shock absorbers and a buffer against coastal erosion." The article stressed the need to preserve the coral reefs and mangrove forests, citing them as barriers against natural disasters like the tsunami. She also singled out Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi his efforts to keep Malaysia’s mangroves intact and untouched by development. (see previous post Enviroman on MangroveSwamps and Tsunamis)

Wong Chun Wai says: "It’s time more of the world's leaders wake up to the fact that Mother Nature is angry and that we better listen. "

Enviro Man says: "Hear, hear."

Only question is, will the rest of the world hear?