Friday, July 01, 2005

Enviroman says "make your own DIY home laminator"

DIY Home Laminator

Enviroman says, "make your own DIY home laminator."

People are buying too many appliances. Here is one way to reduce the purchases and the clutter - make your own DIY home laminator. This neat idea came about when a flood damaged many important documents and the need to protect documents arosed. One way is to laminate them with see-through plastic films.

Here is how to make a DIY Home Laminator. Take a suitable length of bar or wire rod like material, 2 pieces of cardboard slightly longer than the bar or wire rod, cellophane tapes, cutter and a domestic iron. Secure the bar or wire rod on the first piece of cardboard parallel and near to one long edge. You can use your creativity on how to do this, but an easy way is just to use the cellophane tape. Cut a slit slightly bigger and corresponding to the bar or wire rod on the second piece of cardboard. Cover this slit with cellophane tape.

To laminate a document, take 2 pieces of clear plastic films slightly bigger than the document. Sandwich the document in between the 2 plastic films. Place them on top of the first cardboard with the protruding edges of the platic films over the bar or plastic rod and place the second cardboard over the sandwich such that the slit is directly over the bar or wire rod. The edges of the plastic films will then be forced to protrude over and above the bar or wire rod and exposed into the slit of the second cardboard.

To laminate the document, heat up the domestic iron, then slide the iron over the combination. With the arrangement, only the protruding edges of the platic films will be exposed (but prevented from direct contact by the cellephane tape) to the heat of the domesic iron. The plastic will melt and when the iron is removed, it will fuse back thus laminating the 2 plastic films together. Repeat this with the other 3 edges of the documents and at the end of the process, the document will be securely protected within the sealed confines of the 2 plastic films and will not easily be soiled or damaged by water, etc.

I have done this many times and it works.