Friday, July 01, 2005

Making an environmentally friendly greeting card

Enviroman says, "let's make envirocard"

Billions of greeting cards are sent every year and at the end of their useful life usually end up in the dustbin (and dumpsite eventually) or less likely, recycled. Recycling is better, but also bring with it some problems. Recycling uses lots of water, power, chemicals and create secondary pollutants. Making a reusable card is better. Imagine how good it is if one have a greeting card that at the end of its lifecycle, it can transform into something directly reusable without having to go through a longer process of recycling. Here is one way of making one:

Take a handkerchief and using permanent markers, make your greeting card design in the appropriate places. Take some tapioca flour, add some water and bring it to a boil to make starch. Saturate the handkerchief with the starch and predry it. Then folding the handkerchief in the shape of a conventional greeting card, use a hot iron to stiffen and smoothen the card. It will then take on the appearence of a conventional greeting card. Send it to the receipient. When the receipient have no further use for it, he or she washes it, and presto, it transform back into a handkerchief! Plus your receipient gets reminded of who send the card each time he or she uses it! Triple benefits!!!


Tolerant Damascene said...

It's a strange, yet interesting idea. I think people are way too lazy to do something like this.
Maybe E-Cards are the best of all.

chrisws37adbrooks said...
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