Monday, September 26, 2005

Dr. Zulkarnain says, "cycle to work."

Civil servants, including officers staying in the administrative capital, will be encouraged to cycle to work.

The move is to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce vehicle smoke emission, parking problems and traffic congestion, said Federal Territories Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Zulkarnain Awang.

“It will also be cost-effective to cycle, especially with the increase in petrol prices, We are confident there will be good response. But before we can get civil servants to cycle, we have to ensure there are adequate facilities, such as the bicycle lanes. Cycling to work will not be made compulsory but civil servants and their families would be strongly encouraged to do so,I’m sure cycling will do most of us good. It will keep us healthy and a healthy person is a more effective worker.” Dr Zulkarnain said at the ministry’s Family Day celebration yesterday.

He added that for most civil servants staying in Putrajaya, cycling to work would not be a problem as the distance to their offices was just about 2km or less. Dr Zulkarnain said his ministry would get Putrajaya Corporation to look into providing more bicycle lanes and bicycle parking areas. He added that his ministry’s sports and recreational club had bought five bicycles and would loan it to members who wanted to cycle to work. More bicycles would be purchased if response was good.

The Star.


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