Thursday, September 01, 2005


Enviroman is offering himself in campaigns to help protect our environment. He wants to promote the 3Rs and 1F - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, FREECYCLE. Everyone knows the symbol for recycle, the 3 arrows. Recycling is a commendable activity. However, as compare to direct Reuse, recycling is a more involved process. It require more steps as compared to direct Reuse and often produces more secondary pollution. For example, the recycling of paper uses much energy, chemicals and water and the polluted waste water need Descartes Said: I think, therefore I am, Enviroman Says: I think, therefore I reduce, reuse and recyclefurther treatment before it can be released back into the rivers. So Enviroman wants concerned spaceship EARTH passengers to help in a campaign to increase awareness of the need to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and FREECYCLE, with an emphasis on the simpler processes like Reuse and FREECYCLE. As you may have noticed, Enviroman has clothed himself with a single arrow, a symbol for direct REUSE. He hopes that this single arrow symbol will become as well known as the 3 arrows symbol for Recycle. Help Enviroman in this task by putting words into his mouth. (Write it in the comments section)


Peter said...

Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am."
Enviroman says, "I think, therefore I reduce, reuse and recycle."

Eabha the Kiwi said...

Environman says: "smash capitalism and the state"

Environman knows that capitalism exploits human and environmental resources. Equality and De-centralized self-governance is the only thing that will bring peace harmony and environmental sustainability.

Capitalism has the same philosophy as a cancer cell: "growth at all costs, even if it kills the host". By living as free and equal people with participatory democracy and communitarianism we might become funtioning parts of an ecosystem, instead of a parasite.

Humans will only be as good as their system of social organization.

For more information look up:

Social Ecology



...says environman!

aka.alias said...

Freecycling is a great idea. This site -
is one you really want to incllude in your favourites, if you live in Toronto. They take that furniture (yes, free pick-up) and give it to people trying to rebuild a life after leaving an abusive situation, for instance. There are bound to be like organizations in other cities. look for them. It means there should never again be a sofa or chairs or any other still usable furniture left out at the curbside as garbage. It bugs the livin' jesus out of me to see that! Come on, people, get on board with this idea. Think globally, act locally!

Cocoanut said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leavin a note. Good work here...keep it up.

Anonymous said...
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Sally said...

Does Enviroman have other quotes?

Ako said...

Hi environman,

Thank you for your comments. I've never heard of "Freecycle", but that's a great idea. Did you make the word?

Peter said...

Sally said: "Does Enviroman have other quotes?"

Enviroman says, "read the other posts."

M. Kingan said...

Freecycle YEAH!
I use daily
Best thing I've discovered in a long time