Wednesday, October 19, 2005

No more white Christmas?

Noah Diffenbaugh, an atmospheric scientist at Purdue University says: "Summer is likely to be more severely hot everywhere in the U.S. In the Southwest, if you imagine the hottest two and a half weeks of the year, you're looking at that becoming three months long. Phoenix [Arizona] will get three months of what is now the hottest two weeks of the year. Winter weather could be affected as well. You're looking at the coldest couple of weeks of the year not existing anymore in lot of places. Certainly winter as we know it likely will disappear in the Northeast."

These are his conclusions as a results of a study together with researchers at Purdue and the Abdus Salarn International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. The study was conducted with computer simulations using climate data and projections of greenhouse gas levels.

Higher temperatures has more dangerous consequences than just missing white Christmas. It can lead to unpredictable weather, drought in some places, floods in others, sea level will rise, some low lying islands will disappear from the surface of the earth, disease-carrying mosquitos will expand their range, some species will be pushed to extinction. According to many experts, some of these effects has already begun.

Enviroman says: "time to take climatic changes and global warming seriously."

What is Enviroman doing about it? For one, he is taking public transport whenever possible. See Enviroman on Transport.

What is Simon Oosterman doing about it? He and his gang went many steps further. They cycled NAKED!. See World Naked Bike Ride

No Winter by 2105? New Study Offers Grim Forecast for U.S.


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Brad Todd said...

How about conserving bandwidth...stop spamming other won't get many new followers by doing it..

You don't like it, nor do I

The Phoenix said...

Bicycling naked? That's a great way to get your message across. I hope other drivers were able to keep their eyes on the road.

Did you see on the news that gasoline demand actually went down recently - maybe people just got fed up with the high price of gas.

answer-man said...

has something for everyone. Come on by and check it out soon Enjoy. :)

Col said...

In the UK, we have had the warmest October 27th since records began in 1888. Cause for worry?

Peter said...

Col said "Cause for worry?"

Humankind better take precautionary steps to be on the safe sides as the effects are unpredictable and can be very serious.