Monday, April 02, 2007

Enviroman says: Abolish the F1 races

The F1 races are really wasteful and bad for the environment. Tremendous amount of fossil fuel are burnt to transport the F1 teams, their racing machines and accompanying maintainance equipments with corresponding spewing of large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as they travel from one racing circuit to another around the world. Another round of wasteful burning of precious fossil fuel plus generation of the green house gas into the atmosphere as the racing machines goes round and round the racing circuit meaninglessly.

What are the benefits accruing from the F1 races? Technologies to make cars go faster? What is the point if cars are bound by the speed limits on the highways.

Enviroman says, "Abolish the F1 races".

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Lexis said...

i liked your article about bikes in denmark. but i think that if you really want people to be more 'environment friendly' you should try to get more scientific facts. but if its just for fun its working.