Wednesday, April 04, 2007

House built from trash

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Houses of the Future Could Be Made from Trash
Last year’s
trash could become next year’s model home, thanks to the invention of a new
type of construction material made entirely from waste products.
created by engineer John Forth of the University of Leeds in England, are composed of recycled glass, sewage
sludge, incinerator ash, the by-products of metal purification and pulverized
fuel ash from power stations.
use up to 100 percent waste materials and avoid sending them to landfill, which
is quite unheard of in the building industry,” Forth said.
Forth hopes
his new invention will revolutionize the building industry by providing a
sustainable, low-energy replacement for concrete
energy is required to manufacture the Bitublock than a traditional concrete
block, and it’s about six times as strong, so it’s quite a high-performance
product,” Forth said.
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