Friday, April 20, 2007

Environmentally friendly Internet

I am broke (cash), but I have assets. In any case, will writing is not that complicated a thing. I need to make a will. I decided to draft it myself. It is done. Only thing is, for added safety net, I was hoping for someone competent to vet it. I have a niece who is a practicing lawyer. I asked his father where she stays and was disappointed to learn that she stay 15km away from my home. But still, it will involve using a car, burning up depleting fossil fuel, contributing to the atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming. In any case, I am retired and just don't like to leave the house.

Then a bulb lighted up in my little brain. Why not do it through the environmentally friendly Internet. I don't need to travel. I don't need to print a hard copy and used up paper. I just need to send the draft as an email attachment.

I did a search in me email Inbox and found her email address. I asked if she is willing to vet it. It will probably only takes a couple of minutes. She answered OK if it is a simple will. If it is anything complicated, she will ask me to get a professional to do it. Fair to me. I sent the email with the draft as an attachment and now waiting for her response.

Thank you environmentally friendly Internet.

BTW the link "global warming" leads to an interesting site BlurtIt where you can ask any question and get an answer. I am not only interested in answering questions, but also hope to use the site to increase environmental awareness which to us and our future generation is crucial. I want to find out if I answer a question related to the environment and put a link to a site relevant to the answer, I want to know if the link in the answer is clickable. Go to Can I put a clickable link in an answer in BlurtIt?. There is a link in the answer and it IS clickable, which in my opinion makes the site much more useful because sometimes a question need more than a couple of sentences to properly answer a question. If I am not wrong, the maximum number of word you can put in the answer is 100. Further, I don't think you can put images, especially screenshots in the answer which often helps greatly in making the answer much clearer. By answering questions and putting clickable links to environmental sites, one can help increase environmental awarenes

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

yes on the surface of it, the internet is enviornmentally friendly, but...what about all the laptops, the monitors, the desktop units, the routers, the cords etc etc etc...that go into the business of using the internet. i am rather tired of this stuff about the 'dead tree news media' and the enviornmentally friendly internet. we are making a horrible and intense impact on our planet with both the manufacture of these above mentioned all the chips and processors etc that go into the powering of these electronics. we are needing more and more energy produced...ergo..more power plants..people are using solar more and more but we are not yet at the point technologically that we can power cities of millions and all the electronic communication implements and toys other than thru fossil fueled power plants, hydropower that interferes with spawning fish runs and nuclear that we, as yet, have no safe way to dispose of degraded materials. think things thru more thoroughly. that is why we humans have such a mess on our hands now.

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Anonymous said...

Are there other environmental blogs in Malaysia (and especially about Malaysia)? I'm having trouble finding any.

Peter said...

Hi Anonymous,

Why don't you check out FreeCycle Petaling Jaya

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felipe vito said...

if it's ok, how do my blog link to enviroman? ty, naive new kid on the blog.

Peter said...

Hi Felipe,

I would greatly welcome a link to my blog, in fact, it would be greatly appreciated. How to make the link will depend on where you want to make the link. The best is to make it in the sidebar. I think you are using the New Blogger template. If so, refer to this post on how to make a Link List: How to add a Link List for New Blogger. The best is if you put "Environmental blogs/site" in the Title. If you are relatively new to Blogger, I hope you will find this blog useful by checking the CONTENT.

If I am wrong, and you are still using the old classic template, refer to these two posts:
Adding a Link List in old Blogger

Editing or creating a Link List for old Blogger.

I would also suggest you pay a visit to Blogger Tips and Tricks as many bloggers, especially those who are relatively new find it very useful and informative as shown by the comments they left in the blog. To see a compilation (not up to date) of the comments, have a look at Comments left by appreciative and grateful visitors to Blogger Tips and Tricks

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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irene said...

thank you for sharing your passion for loving the environment.. indeed as a child of God, a christian, we owe it to be a good steward of the environment. Thank you for your blog =)