Saturday, September 08, 2007

Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Country: Ranking

Global warming caused by emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other green house gases used to be a controversial topic with some scientists claiming that the world's climate is definitely getting warmer because of emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases while others says it is a just a natural cycle of warming and cooling of the world's weather. Evidences are piling up to support those of the first opinion with polar ice, glaciers, mountain snow peaks melting (including that of the highest mountain in the world - Mount Everest), climate of countries changing, some say hurricanes getting more frequent and more ferocious, birds and animals migrating further north to warmer climate, etc.

One thing I know is my country is now hotter for I sleep topless and without fan or air conditioning. Anyway, many are hoping governments will do something about it, and for that it is good to know which country are emitting more carbon dioxide, the major green house gas. So here is an excel file ranking countries by its carbon emission. The figures are taken from Wikipedia - List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions by carbon dioxide emissions. You can scroll down the page to view the countries lower down the list by using the thin vertial scroll bar at the right:


uncle felipe said...

Enviroman,Great job of keeping us informed about how we daily screw up our planet. I'd prefer to take the road that perhaps the Earth is too great, too big an enity to be so influenced by such an insignificant creature as man. Perhaps, though,our insolence will be our undoing.

Enviroman said...

Hi Uncle Felipe,

Thanks for your kind words. Regarding us being too insignificant, I would like you to try to imagine the state of our environment when most of the Chinese starts to live like the Americans.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Natural Remedies

John Cena said...

Interesting post. We ourselves do not realize that how and when we are disturbing the nature's behavior and now we are watching all of it's adverse results. Global warming causes many secondary problems like Hurricane Damage, tornado Damage, Storms and many more.