Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Conserve fossil fuel and electricity. Watch movies at home

Still remember the good old days? I do. I still remember living in a small town where almost all the places I want to go is within walking distance. I remembered going to the cinema to watch the late King Elvis Presley gyrate and entertain us with memorable songs. I remembered also going for a sad Chinese movie and shedding a few tears (I am multi-lingual). Can't remember if the cinemas were air-conditioned or not.

The cinemas of today are no longer the same. Most of them are housed in huge multi storey shopping mall, fully air-conditioned and electricity guzzling monsters. They call them cinemaplex now. Much more comfortable than those hard wooden fold down seats we had to sit on those good old days once upon a time a long time ago. But now, in order to watch your favorite movie, you have to get into fossil fuel burning green house gas emitting car, grumble your way through the traffic jams, go round in circles to get up to the multi-storey car park, hunt for the scarce parking lot, park, and of course pay through your nose when you leave.

But that need not be the case. You can get yourself a DVD player, get your favorite DVD movies delivered to your doorsteps, sit comfortably in your favorite reclining chair and watch that movie in the comfort of your home. No more traffic jams. Isn't that heaven to you? Don't know about you, but I hate to be stuck in traffic jams. And DVD players are pretty cheap nowadays, even for the more expensive branded ones.

But which one to get? That website has an easy to understand ranking system, using the WIZERANK which is a number from 0 to 100. WIZERANK of 90 to 100 is "Buy with confidence", 75 to 89 means "Might meet your needs", 50 to 74 and you should "Proceed with caution" and finally 0 to 49 and they say it is "Not recommended".

Going by that ranking system, at the time of publishing, the DVD right at the top of the list is Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player which earned itself a WIZERANK of 94 (Buy with confidence) and at number two with the same WIZERANK of 94 (Buy with confidence) is Pioneer DV-400V. There are altogether 4 DVD players with WIZERANK 94, so it is going to be a tough choice.


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