Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When relocation may be considered and help that you can get in relocation

Elections in any democratic countries have the potential of creating a whole new political environment, and such new political environment can have impact on the environment as is intended in a blog like this. That is, matters related to pollution, environmental protection, conservation, green house gases and global warming, etc.

An extraordinary election took place in Malaysia, a highly imperfect democracratic country where the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition (National Coalition) had ruled the country using divide-and-rule racial politics, gerrymandering, use of money and unfair use of public funds and facilities for election purposes, very tight control over the mainstream media, intimidations and threats, detaintion without trial under the hated ISA (Internal Security Act) of dissendents, use of the OSA (Official Secrets Act) to deny the public from knowledge of important documents of vital public importance and which had no relations to the security of the country, the 3 pillars of democracy (Executive, Parliament and Judiciary) not playing its proper role, etc.

With regard to the environment as readers of this blog understand it, rivers had not only become public sewers, but as the DAP (Democratic Action Party) of Malaysia said of a river into which a DAP state assemblyman immersed himself into for only a few minutes, had become a toxic dump. This was because after the brief immersion in the "toxic river", he came out with rashes all over his body (from memory). Natives customary lands had been sized, allocated to logging companies and the forests logged over.

The Barisan Nasional (National Coalition) had ruled Malaysia for decades with a very comfortable two-third majority which allowed them to amend the Constitutions at their own whim and fancies and for trivial stuff and which they have abused.

At the 2008 Malaysia General Election, they got a rude shock. They suffered huge reverses, obtained only slightly over 50% of the votes, lost their assumed inassailable two-third majority in the Parliament, lost control over 5 states, and I believe led to new political environment in those states those lost control over. Hopefully, no longer will we see abuses to the environment as we know it, continue as it looks like those poliitcal parties which have sized control of those states have policies which are kinder to the environment and conservation.

In such circumstances, citizens in countries which have seen such significant shift in the political environment and who value the environment they live in might consider relocation to those states. If only they have the assistance of Relocation services that calls themself "butget friendly" as well as "just plain friendly".

There may be companies that may want to relocate their headquaters, but here, we are dealing more with individual and families, and for them, I think they would be more thinking of a Residential moving company.

If you happened to be in Texas or perhaps other states of the United States of America, it may pay to get a quote from Local movers. If you are reading this post, it means you are connected to the Internet, and getting a quote is as easy as just filling in a form online, no paper used, no need to travel and use up precious fossil fuel, most convenient.

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