Saturday, October 04, 2008

Environmentally friendly fast cooking

I recently have some problems with high blood pressure. Probable cause are lack of exercise and high sodium level from regular eating out. I have thus started cooking my own food.

Being Enviroman, I naturally uses environmentally friendly method of cooking. I use gas instead of electric as source of heat as heat conversion rate of gas is much better than electrical heating. I cut up raw food into small pieces for faster cooking. Instead of cooking rice as source of carbohydrate, I cook oats which cooks much faster instead. I cook everything in the same pot and all at one go. Not only let, I recycled the heat in the sense that I remove the pot from the flame, place it on an insulating cork mat and cover with lid to retain the heat and let cooking proceed further from self heat. That is environmentally friendly cooking.


oceanus said...

You should check out the thermal pots available on the market. It's basically a stainless steel pot nestled within a thermosflask-like outer container. You can set the inner pot on the stove to boil and then transfer it into the outer thermosflask container which preserves the heat in the food and allows it to cook without additional energy input. It works well with porridges, soups, stews, even rice. And the best part is, you can start your meal in the morning, place it in the pot to cook and forget about it, and then by lunchtime you'll have a warm, cooked meal all ready to eat.