Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cars are a necessary evil in my country

In my country, the public transport is not up to par nor integrated. It is not unusual that when you take the transport to some destination, you have to take a few connections. Worst, because the public transport are operated by many parties, in order to catch a connection, one have to walk from a terminal to another terminal a long way off.

Residents are forced to use their own transport, especially their preferred mode of transport - cars. However, owning and maintaining a car is no simple task. Further, cars are a depreciating asset. Car owners should make efforts to protect your investment by maintaining the car in good condition.

When a car needs repair, the cost of repair may be jacked up or get a sloppy repair job. Thus a car owner should take the trouble to find the best Mechanic.

It is normal that cars will meet increasing repair and maintainance as years goes by. When the repair and maintainace cost gets prohibitive, it is better to sell the car and get a new one. When you need to sell the car, you can list your car for sale for free to save money.