Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plants, environment, photosynthesis and oxygen

Photosynthesis, carbon dioxide, oxygen

Photosynthesis is a metabolic pathway whereby plants converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars, using the energy from sunlight, emitting life-giving oxygen in the process. Human do not have the chlorophyll and cannot manufacture food on its own plus consume food and oxygen produced by the plants and emit carbon dioxide in the process. Plants are therefore welcome addition for without oxygen there will be no life.

Plants and the environment

Carbon dioxide is a green house gas, that is, it traps heat from sunlight in the atmosphere. Increasing carbon dioxide will mean increasing the atmospheric temperature (global warming). Plants absorb carbon dioxide and are therefore carbon sink.

Plants are also esthetically pleasing to the eye and brightens up the environment in homes and workplaces. Homes and workplaces invariably have floors that are concreted and do not have the soil necessary for plant life. To bring life giving plants into homes and workplaces, planters which contain the soil necessary for the plants to grow.

For homes, one can have both indoor planters as well as outdoor planters, but for workplaces, only indoor planters. Hopefully in workplaces, the plants can act as a sink for those obnoxious cigarette smoke.


Hapi said...

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Jamie Boyle said...

To help reduce global warming plants are an excellent way to help. I am currently in the process of helping against global warming by planting one tree at a time. Lot of people didn't realize but one tree can absorb over 1 ton of C02 in its lifetime.

Plants are an excellent way that people can help the environment. So if people enjoy gardening and landscaping, start planting! Each and everyone can do their own part for the environment.


Jamie Boyle
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