Thursday, February 12, 2009

Refurbished ICT equipment

ICT, acronym for Information Communications Technology, is the technology for the twenty first century and is the technology to watch as it spin off many other industries. It can be said to be an environmentally friendly in many sense. It can be said that moving bits and bytes (electrons) is way better than moving atoms and molecules. ICT can and have greatly reduce physical traffic. It can and have reduced printing on paper (hard copies) being replaced by digital files (soft copies). It can have have introduced new way of working.

However, ICT uses hardware, some of which can hardly be called environmentally. This negative aspect of ICT can be ameliorated by the use of as much refurbished ITC equipment as possible, including refurbished network security equipment, refurbished routers and switches, refurbished servers and refurbished telecommunications equipment. By doing so, we can keep lots of electronic equipment from the dump sites.