Saturday, February 28, 2009

Entrepreneurship and the tough economic environment

United States of America, in fact the whole world, is facing a new social and economic environment now, triggered off by the sub-prime crisis which have affected severely home owners and the banks that financed them. This crisis has not only affected home owners who borrowed to finance their home purchases but have affected everyone because it has affected consumer sentiments and the whole economy with workers being laid off and businesses facing greatly reduced business, school and college graduates unable to find jobs.

In this kind of unfriendly environment, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation which is probably the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship really comes in very handy. One of Kauffman Foundation objective is to train the nation’s next generation of young entrepreneur.

The Kauffman Foundation recognize the role of the entrepreneur in fostering innovation and has embarked on a long-term, multimillion-dollar initiative known as Kauffman Laboratories for Enterprise Creation which seeks to increase the numbers as well as the success of high-growth enterprises.

The Kauffman Foundation, recognizing the important role of innovations, is also working on getting the numerous innovations spawn within universities to the marketplaces.


vikram said...

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