Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Environmentally Friendly Fans versus Aircon

Comparison between fans and airconditioners

How does fans compare with aircons from the environmental aspect? Ceiling fans cool not by lowering the temperature but just be creating wind chill effect which can be quite effective. Because they do not cool by lowering temperature like aircons, the energy requirements are much lower than that compared with aircons. A fan depending on size that runs constantly cost only about $7 a month whereas the running cost of a room aircon is estimated to be about $58 which is 8 times more.

Fans suck air through the house, inducing a strong draft in rooms where windows are open as it pulls cooler, outdoor air inside and ventilation is much improved compared with aircons which for efficiency need doors and windows to be closed. Poorly maintained aircons can breed harmful micro-organism which can be bad for health. Fans thus create a more conducive environment from the health aspect.

From the manufacturing point of view, the manufacturing process of fan is much simpler than the manufacturing process of aircons and thus uses less materials and energy and thus produce less waste products and pollution.

From the economics point of view, the cost of fans are but a fraction of aircons, cost less to maintain and run. Fans are much more economical.

What kinds of fans do we have in the market. There are economical and decorative ceiling fans like craftmade ceiling fans also hunter ceiling fans and monte carlo ceiling fans. With so much choices the budget and environmentally conscious consumer is spoilt for choice.