Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fun bottomless rubbish bin - cleanliness

Can we get more people to throw their rubbish in the bin by making it fun to do so? Watch the video below (the world's deepest trashcan):

Result: During one day, 72kg of rubbish was collected in the fun rubbish bin. That is 41kg more than the normal bin just a small distance away. Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better. They call it the fun theory. (A Volkswagen initiative)


João Soares said...

I have a huge laugh. All the best for 2010. Gretings from Portugal

Sweva said...

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Sweva said...

Cool blog...I'd like to follow it if you could show the controls on being able to do that (didn't see "follow me" controls) can find my environmental blog, Sweva's P-patch, at