Friday, January 28, 2005

Best Environment Blog 2005

Enviroman says: "Announcing the Best Environment Blog of the Year Award"

This post is a direct result of a "challenge" after posting about a news article in BBCnews on the Yahoo blogger_user_support forum.

So here is it, the Enviroman BEST ENVIRONMENT BLOG OF THE YEAR. Come to think of it, I may even go 1 step further and try to scrounge for a prize. Serious.

Vote for your favourite environment blog by adding your comment below and leaving the url of that blog there.


Black Country Boy said...

Hey enviroman, just doing a bit of blog-surfing and i stumbled across this. Just wanted to say...Keep up the good work! And maybe also to apologise as a follower of Jesus for how quiet we have been in the past about environment stuff. Keep it rockin man-you're doin a good thing.

Peter said...

Hi Black Country Boy,

Thanks for your kind words. Encouragements are always such a comfort to us. May our goog Lord bless you and keep you in perfect peace all the time.

Pip said...

Great idea. Good luck with it. Here ya go

Peter said...

Pip says: "Great idea. Good luck with it. Here ya go"

Hi Pip,

Is this a vote?

BTW keep a watch at

Nothing there yet, but.....

Klite said...

Hello cikgu or should i say teacher ?
thank you for you comments on KLite. So you are in Petaling Jaya, I have inherited relatives from my wife(local) who live there.
Roti Canni is not bad, a bit oily though. But i prefer to eat it dipped in "telur setengah masak" rather than with curry or dahl !
Your enviromental blog looks good and obviously a good subject to cover

chris said...

It would be pretty tacky of me to nominate my own site, so I'm going to recommend Chris Mooney at the Intersection.

...although I would encourage anyone interested in environmental blogging to check out Organic Matter (my site) as well.

Peter said...

Wonder if I can nominate my own site? After all, an award can bring lots of traffic. Isn't that what a blogger want? Is it OK for one to be thick-skinned for a good cause?

cc Infopage said...
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