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Ecotourism Florida United States America

What is ecotourism or eco tourism or ecological tourism?

All three are the same and is just different using different words or phrases to described nature based tourism which, as far as possible, eliminate or reduce damages to the environment, flora and fauna. Often, ecotourist lean towards education and learning about the environment. The activities must also be sustainable. Some even include the culture of the local communities.

Florida for ecotourism?

Florida South East USA
Map of Florida was taken from Wikipedia: Florida

Florida in the United States of America is located at the south-eastern corner of United States with a tropical or sub-tropical climate. Florida is full of wildlife and a natural for ecotourism. Among the various environmentally friendly tourism you can partake in Florida are cruising along its many rivers and swamps, one of the more interesting one being the Indian River where you will see dolphins, manatees and many other wildlife. Ecotourists may also take nature hikes along trails such as the Palm Beach County Nature trails, undertake expeditions in the Everglades National Park or the Siesta Key. Plus don't forget the hundreds of miles of pristine beaches and the sea. Add to that the Florida Keys, some 1,700 islands in Florida and Florida become an irresistible destination for ecotourism.

Theme Parks in Florida

Donald Duck Walt Disney Word Resort
Photo of Donald Duck is property of Bruce Tuten

Florida deserves my nickname for it - theme park state of the world. The world famous Walt Disney World Resort which comprises 4 theme parks plus 2 water parks is located in Orlando which well deserve being referred to as the theme park capital of the world. In addition to Walt Disney World Resort, there are numerous theme parks such as Universal Studios, Dinosaur World, The Holyland Experience, and many more. If you already plan for ecotourism in Florida, why waste the chance of experiencing the magic of Florida's numerous theme parks?

Accommodation in Florida

In view of the numerous possibilities, it is inconceivable if you do not stay more than a day in Florida if you ever go to Florida. This invariably means you need to find accommodation. One of the possibilities you should look into is Florida vacation rentals or if you plan to roam the 1,700 plus islands of Florida Keys - Florida Keys vacation rentals.

Already in Florida? Might as well enjoy the numerous theme parks in Orlando. Vacation rentals are available from Orlando vacation rentals. Have fun!!!

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Bhathiya said...

Tourism is one of the best ways to get income for a country. But it has some bad effects on the environment as well as the local people.


Bhathiya Senanayake

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