Monday, June 09, 2008

Environmentally friendly juicer, innovative turbo-broiled chicken recipe

Zero Waste of Output of Juicer

I created an innovative and environmentally friendly recipe for turbo-broiled chicken which follows the concept of Zero Waste. The recipe is simple but need a juicer. Peeled garlic is fed into a juicer and the garlic juice plus the very fine fibers of the garlic are collected. In this manner, none of the output of the juicer is wasted (zero waste). The garlic juice plus fine fibers are mixed with stuff like honey, tom yam paste, oyster sauce, etc., and made into a marinade to be applied to a whole chicken or just parts like the chicken drum sticks (chicken drum sticks with part of bones broken are available for Ayamas at a price lower than unbroken chicken drum sticks and just as good, thus not wasting money).

After marinating for a long enough period for the marinade to soak into the chicken (the garlic act as antibiotic thus chicken will not spoil), then placed into a turbo-broiler. Wow, as the chicken is turbo-broiled, you can smell the sweet aroma. The turbo-broiled chicken is extremely tasty and my family loves it.

Juicer Reviews

The problem is, our turbo-broiler plus juicer is no longer with me. I will need to look for a new juicer, and what better way there is to start than by checking the juicer reviews. The above review for "All" uses yielded 51 different models of juicer. How to narrow down the search. Easy. In the left sidebar are various categories, among which are price and electrical power.

Juicer reviews according to price

As we are interested in zero waste (including money), let us look at the juicer priced juicer priced between $250 to $630, the lowest priced of the range. Looks adequate for the purpose intended as it looks like it is screw drive operated.

Juicer reviews according to power

Let us look at another category - Juicer reviews according to power, again the lowest power consumption among the categories. Low powered juicer is adequate as we are only interested in juicing soft stuff like garlic and onions to extract its juice for marinating. Fruits I prefer to eat it whole together with its fibers.