Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zero Waste: Discount Coupon to Save Time and Efford

Rule number 1 for environmentalist - REDUCE

The mantra for environmentalist is "reduce, reuse, recycle" in order of importance. The very first step is REDUCE and this is the most economical as it is solving the problem of over consumption and keeping superfluous stuff from the environment.

What should one do when one cannot reduce

That is, what if one just has to have that stuff, whatever that may be? Well, the very next thing is to see if you can save on the cost of acquisition. That is, get the lowest price possible. One of the way of cutting cost is to get coupon codes

Computer Hardware discount coupons

If you are reading this, it means you are online, connected to the Internet. If you are like me, surfing on the Internet (and for me, blogging. I do very heavy multi-tasking with a few browsers and within each browser, multiple tabs. Then there are opened files like Notepad files, Excel spreadsheet, WORD document, etc. When you are into this stage, having a large wide screen will save you lots of work and time. For example, let me minimize this Blogger post editor window in which I am preparing this post. What I have done is minimize (reduce) this post editor window. I need information from my Excel spread sheet, so I open the spread sheet, minimize it. I then grab the borders and drag them so that I can see both at the same time. I can thus jump from one "minimized window" to the other without wasting time and finger power (clicks). I drag the side to reduce the widths and place the 2 items I refer to frequently side-by-side so I can jump quickly from one to the other. See screen shot below (click to enlarge):

wide screen (computer monitor advantage

My computer has also been upgraded to one with a core 2 processor. However, I still sometimes find certain tasks to take too long. Perhaps I should further upgrade to quad core processor computer for even faster completion of tasks. Wonder if this computer hardware discount coupons can get me some very nice deal for my next compute upgrade.

Computer Software discount coupon

So far, I have been using free tools for my blogging tasks. However, as I go deeper plus now with my ambition to publish my Mission Driven LifeTM and my dream of taking over KL/Legacy, free tools and software probably is not enough for me to do a professional job. That brings me to Computer Software discount coupons