Thursday, October 02, 2008

Window shopping for classic toys with Shopwiki, the Wikipedia of online shopping

I do not have a car and is getting along fine. I walk I take public transport. I have my trusty environmentally friendly transport, my Suzuki VS125 scooter which will take me to places which is impractical to walk or take transport. Occasionally my kids will chauffeur me around. Most of the time I just stay at home in front of the computer connected to the amazing Internet blogging.

However, sometimes I need to buy something that cannot be bought from the nearby shops. That is the time I go window shopping. However, conventional window shopping requires one to go from one retail outlet to another and driving around with the polluting and global warming green house gases.

There is an alternative - online window shopping. All I need is a computer, a web browser and a connection to the amazing Internet. Shopwiki is ideal for online window shopping as this is a website which is different from the others in the sense that while other websites only include paid insertions, Shopwiki is like the Wikipedia of online shopping. Shopwiki claims that they crawl every websites just the the search engines spiders. This means that Shopwiki will offer a very wide selection of merchandise

I am a grandfather of 2 and I am going to go online window shopping for classic kids toys for I wish my grandchildren to enjoy the same fun I had with toys like building sets and Matchbox cars.